Sarah Khan

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    Graduation year: 2020
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I first stumbled upon the Mundus MAPP program through the catalogue of Erasmus Mundus. The seemed program was intriguing and exciting. I studied social sciences at my undergrad level always wondered about the gap between theory and practice and for me, Public Policy filled that gap. I chose the global public policy track because it would enable me with the skills to plan interventions and solve real-world problems.

I had always been interested in migrant integration policies and the program not only provided me with relevant electives to complement my interest but also practical experience through policy lab which allowed me to work with UNHCR.

One of the most important lessons the program has taught me is to learn from opposing ideas and celebrate diversity within the community. We were the first batch who graduated at the peak of the covid19 pandemic, and our experience made us resilient and strong. This was a time that not only challenged us individually but also as a group, as we supported each other in difficult times. The professors were also supportive and encouraging.

I plan to build upon the knowledge learnt through this program and pursue a PhD in the field of migrant integration policies.