The Internship is a mandatory component of Mundus MAPP. It is designed to provide hands-on
experience in public policy research, analysis, and practice. The aim of the internship component is to
facilitate the students’ (re)integration into the international job market upon graduation, build networks
and professional contacts and allow students to apply and re-examine theoretical knowledge gained
through the coursework.

Students should choose a relevant organization, such as think-tanks, international organizations,
national and international NGOs, professional bodies, government agencies and embassies, or research
organizations and institutes (including universities) to complete this program requirement. Internships
are arranged by the students themselves, but the Consortium institutions offer support and advice.

Submission deadlines:

Internship Approval Form: at least one month before the start of the internship
Internship Report: maximum two weeks after the end date of the internship
Intern Evaluation Form: maximum two weeks after the end date of the internship

Internship forms: