Founded in 1991 and accredited in both the USA and Hungary, CEU offers a wide range of highly-rated graduate programs predominantly in the social sciences and humanities in a uniquely international atmosphere. CEU students come from over 110 countries, faculty from over 30, and there is no dominant national majority at the university. The campus is located in downtown Budapest, a bustling capital city of over two million in Central Europe. Mundus MAPP students coming to CEU will work alongside students taking a one year MA in Public Policy and a two-year Master of Public Administration. The curriculum focuses on the analysis, design and implementation of public policy at the national, regional and international level, taking a multi-disciplinary approach. Faculty members at the Department of Public Policy hold degrees in public policy, politics, economics, law and international relations from a range of European and US universities.

The academic year consists of three terms, the first two spent with course work, and the last one devoted to policy relevant, applied research and the writing of the thesis report. Teaching is generally discussion-based and focuses on problem-oriented learning through case studies. The majority of the department’s graduates find jobs with international organisations, government agencies, NGOs or the private sector, but continuing studies towards a PhD is also common. The department has a doctoral programme run jointly with two other CEU departments. Mobility tracks involving CEU are recommended to students interested in acquiring the skills, analytical methods and practical tools for the study of global public policy (with IBEI) and European public policy (with York).