Academic board and coordination

Mundus MAPP’s principal academic governing body is the Academic Board, consisting of the representatives of all four Consortium member institutions (currently as listed below under ‘Faculty’) as well as the Acting Dean of the School of Public Policy at the Central European University.

The Board meets once a year and is responsible for promoting mobility and research collaborations, overseeing course integration and acting as primary quality controller. In particular, the Board sets up common standards and procedures, carries out common admissions and examinations; designs and oversees procedures for ECTS equivalency, quality control and student feedback mechanisms. It is also responsible for curriculum development, the language policy, the evaluation of faculty competencies and the progress of existing MUNDUS MAPP scholars.

Management and administration

Mundus MAPP is coordinated by Central European University’s School of Public Policy (SPP; academic aspects and general administration) and Academic Cooperation and Research Support Office (ACRO; financial and management aspects) in cooperation with other relevant departments and the central administration of the university – altogether forming the Mundus MAPP Management Unit.

Management Unit:
Marie-Pierre Granger, Program Director, SPP
Martin Kahanec, Acting Dean, SPP
Pal Banda, Departmental Coordinator, SPP