Adina Maricut

  • Nationality:
  • Graduation year:
    Graduation year: 2012
  • Current job:
    PhD candidate, Department of Public Policy, Doctoral School of Political Science, Public and International Relations, Central European University, Budapest
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For me, Mundus Mapp was a fantastic experience both professionally and personally. Professionally, it is the reason why I decided to pursue a PhD in Public Policy. Through its mobility structure, Mundus Mapp introduced me to two quite different but equally engaging academic approaches to public policy. If the University of York follows the continental tradition and puts emphasis on theoretical accounts of the policy process/public administration and management, CEU is an American-style institution focusing on real-life policy practice and solving ‘immediate’ problems. In terms of skills, York encourages critical thinking, individual study, and in-depth analysis, whereas CEU develops competencies like problem-solving, policy writing/briefing, and efficient workload management.

At the personal level, Mundus Mapp provided the opportunity to meet incredible people around the world who have rapidly become my closest friends. Last, but not least, both York and Budapest are beautiful, culturally active and inexpensive cities to live in.