Dr Karim Knio has been appointed as the new director of the CERES Research School for International Development (CERES) as of 1 November 2023. CERES is hosted at the International Institute of School Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam, offering training for Dutch and international PhD researchers in global development and relevant fields. 

Premiere research school

Founded in 1994, CERES is a Dutch research school for the field of International Development with established links with many universities and research institutes in Europe and the Global South. CERES’ members include academic staff and their PhD researchers in Development Studies or associated disciplines or interdisciplinary fields in the social sciences. CERES provides various opportunities for PhD researchers working in the interdisciplinary field of Development Studies. The school connects PhD researchers with education opportunities, regularly organizes lectures and events within the Netherlands and Belgium and provides researchers and researcher managers with the tools to measure and evaluate research output in a pluralistic and interdisciplinary manner.