Salvatore Delle Donne

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    Graduation year: 2022
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In September 2022, I graduated from Erasmus Mundus Masters Program in Public Policy – Mundus MAPP, track of Political Economy and Development. The first year at International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of Erasmus University Rotterdam and the second year at Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals. They were two years of extraordinary intensity that gave me experiences for which I will always be grateful. Getting to know and engage with people from all over the world on public policy issues allowed me to break out of the fixed patterns I was used to and made me see reality from new perspectives.

My thesis is titled “The impact of the European Union on the development of the energy market”. Today’s energy crisis is there for all to see. Gramsci argued that the politics of the present is the politics of the past, so to understand what is happening today and how it got to this point, it is of fundamental importance to look at the process of the development of the European energy system and how the European Union built a market that led to the current situation. The thesis focuses on the decade 1985-1995, to explain how the formation of the European Union influenced governance and the energy market. I identified and analyzed national and transnational actors, interest groups and what kind of neo-liberalisation processes there were, in which sectors and which energy sources were preferred over others and why. I focus on drawing a clear view of why the European energy market today is structured and functions in a specific way.