Ruby Saakor Tetteh

  • Nationality:
  • Graduation year:
    Graduation year: 2010
  • Current job:
    Trade and Industry Policy Analyst, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Accra, Ghana
  • Study track:
    ISS-CEU track

Mundus MAPP played a crucial role in presenting me with the opportunity to gain requisite knowledge and exposure needed for my career aspirations. The program enhanced my intellectual and analytical capabilities, giving me the opportunity to approach issues in a more pragmatic manner. Additionally, it afforded me the opportunity to network with people of various backgrounds and job experience enabling me to familiarize myself with practical issues that I currently apply in my work.

Studying at ISS and CEU really improved my research and writing skills. ISS deepened my theoretical outlook on development perspectives. At CEU, the spotlight was on practical aspects of issues especially on contemporary policy making processes and how to realize policy goals. Presently, I do appreciate the challenges that come with the policy process and am able to provide alternatives as well as relevant inputs in the decision making process.

Accordingly, the Erasmus Mundus experience of studying in at least two countries is a lifetime opportunity that no one ought to miss. It comes with immeasurable rewards and is a defining moment as it exposed me to people of different backgrounds. This enriched me significantly particularly in my work and level of interaction.