Marcelo Gouveia Moreira

  • Nationality:
  • Graduation year:
    Graduation year: 2015
  • Current job:
    Public Manager, State Secretariat for Planning and Management of Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Study track:

The Erasmus Mundus MAPP program was the culmination of two goals I had always had for my career. Attending a reputable masters program abroad and having formal education in the field of public policies to support my development as a civil servant.The programĀ“s structure in tracks allowed me to focus my instruction towards a specialization that built on my previous studies in international relations to achieve a deeper understanding of modern public policy and development issues. The consortium universities provide a diverse yet balanced learning possibility.

As added values, the opportunity to do a joint MA program, enjoy instruction and life in two different countries in a very international setting and make friends from across the world is just priceless. The whole Mundus MAPP experience changed my professional and personal life for the better, thus I recommend it.