Juan Carlos Trivino Salazar

  • Nationality:
  • Graduation year:
    Graduation year: 2009
  • Current job:
    Postdoctoral fellow at the Barcelona Institute for International Relations (IBEI)
  • Study track:

I am Juan de la Cierva postdoctoral fellow at the Barcelona Institute for International Relations (IBEI). IBEI is one of the Mundus Mapp’s founding institutions. My journey with the consortium started way back, in 2008, when I became one of the first participants in the programme following the ISS-IBEI track. Coming myself from Colombia, the chance to participate in such a vibrant programme was a unique opportunity¬†that I fully embraced. My time in the Mundus-Mapp was an eye-opening experience that helped me learn greatly about the world and meet amazing people who are after 11 years dear friends.

The programme gave me the critical thinking to make the necessary questions that later on helped me pursue a career in academia. Moreover, my personal background and the mobility and exposure to different cultures that the programme provided were defining factors in my career. In fact, I currently do research on urban issues and migration across different countries.

Every time I meet someone who participated in the programme, I can’t help feeling a sense of community that is not only based on intellectual but also human bonds. The holistic approach of the programme which encompasses a stimulating learning environment is what makes it, in my opinion, such a special place to be.