Jorge Galindo Alfonso

  • Nationality:
  • Graduation year:
    Graduation year: 2013
  • Current job:
    PhD Student, Department of Sociology, Faculty of Economic & Social Sciences, University of Geneva
  • Study track:
    ISS-CEU track

I always wanted to maintain an equilibrium between academic research and actual policy-making. That was hard to find in a Masters program, but I did so in my Mundus MAPP combination of ISS-EUR and CEU. While the former offered me fundamental critical skills to understand the complexity of the current political world, the latter gave me a much more hands-on approach focused on solving problems through the design and implementations of policies.

It is thanks to this combination that I got a PhD position at the University of Geneva, from where I am planning to develop both sides of my career – theoretical and practical – in parallel. I hardly could have been able to do so without the training obtained in The Hague and Budapest.