Daniel Abreu Mejia

  • Nationality:
    Dominican Republic
  • Graduation year:
    Graduation year: 2009
  • Current job:
    Ambassador and National Focal Point, United Nations Climate Change Learning Partnership (UN CC:Learn), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Study track:

The Mundus Mapp experience has been without exaggerating one of the most transformative events I have ever lived, and as time passes the more truthful this statement becomes. In my case it opened up so many professional opportunities, including a research collaboration with Greenpeace Headquarters when I was at the ISS and another paid research project with Transparency International when I was finishing the program at IBEI. The academic content strengthened considerably my critical thinking skills. It also widened and enriched my understanding of development and environmental issues, leading me to my current work on climate change and sustainability education.

It must be highlighted that the most outstanding value of the Mundus Mapp experience is unmeasurable, which has been the deepness of connections we formed. Many in our batch have become like family and many more long term friends that support both our personal and professional development. I’m quite sure that decades from now I will look back at this experience as a bright turning point in the path of my life.