Bunga Manggiasih

  • Nationality:
  • Graduation year:
    Graduation year: 2013
  • Current job:
    Content Officer, Millennium Challenge Account-Indonesia
  • Study track:
    ISS-CEU track

As a journalist in the Presidential Palace beat, I was exposed to policy makers as well as their action and inaction everyday. It intrigued and led me to search for a master program that would enable deeper understanding on public policy: the actors, the process, the intended and unintended consequences, etc.

Mundus MAPP seemed like a good option. I chose the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) and Central European University (CEU) mobility track, which offered the perfect mix of theory and practice, both critical perspectives and conservative ones. The scholarship from European Union allowed me to join the program and actively participate in highly dynamic activities inside and outside the classes. Lessons learned in the academic scene are priceless, but even more valuable is the friendship that ensued in the culturally diverse campuses and cities. Now that I look back, Mundus MAPP was not a good option, it was a great one.

The knowledge and experience gained in the two-year program informs me well in my current job as a Content Officer for a trustee formed by the Government of Indonesia and funded by a competitive grant distributed by Millennium Challenge Corporation. Improved understanding on public policy enables me to advise, plan, and implement better on how to communicate policy-related topics using comprehensible language and relatable case studies.