Currently a total of 6 Erasmus Mundus scholarships are available for the Mundus MAPP Consortium, 5 for Partner Country students and 1 for a Program Country student in the 2015-2017 program cycle. The European Commission may also decide to grant up to four additional Special Window scholarships for applicants coming from specific countries. For more information on the Window Scholarships click here.

In addition, the Mundus MAPP Consortium institutions are also considering to award partial tuition waiver scholarships to applicants who are on the reserve list for Erasmus Mundus scholarships. No separate or new application will be necessary for these waivers: if these tuition waiver packages are confirmed every applicant on the EM reserve list will be automatically considered and offers will be made in order of merit ranking.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship recipients will receive their unofficial notification of their scholarship award very soon. Candidates who receive institutional tuition waiver scholarships will be informed of their offer later.

Applicants from Erasmus+ program countries may also consider to apply for Erasmus+ Master Study Loans. Click here for more information.