Barbara Yoxon

Academic Coordinator

Barbara works in the fields of comparative politics and international relations. She is particularly interested in authoritarian regimes and her research focuses on authoritarian stability, democratisation and democratic backsliding. She is particularly interested in autocratic regimes in China and Russia as well the process of democratic backsliding in Poland and Hungary.

Additionally, Barbara has conducted in the areas of British politics, political sociology and political psychology, with special interest in psycho-political determinants of anti-immigrant prejudice and racism. Prior to taking up a position at the University of York, she was a research assistant on the LIVEWHAT project, a multi-national initiative aiming to uncover the effects of the 2008 financial crisis on civil societies across Europe.

She has completed her BA and MA degrees at the University of Sheffield, where she defended her thesis on the effects of territorial threats on autocratic survival in 2017. The dissertation has been awarded the British International Studies Association Michael Nicholson Prize for the best thesis in international studies in 2018.

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