Jon Mikel Walton

2016 to 2018

I like the big picture. My academic background consists of a deep dive into philosophy and religious studies, animated by a conviction that the important questions in life — like how to live well, and how to live together — demand thoughtful, robust responses. I saw early on that these questions cannot be confined to communities of faith or the walls of a classroom.

Public policy is the conversation where human beings attempt to connect their ideals with the messiness of being in community with one another. From projects large to small, the field of public policy is the space where we refine and live out the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

From working as an independent journalist on urban issues to managing communications for the World Bank’s climate change and disaster risk management teams, I’ve seen first hand the tremendous impact, both positive and negative, that policy can have on lives and livelihoods around the globe. For me, ensuring that policy is richly informed by a long-view of human development and an open vision of our future is paramount.

We are living through extraordinary times. There are many unprecedented opportunities, many seemingly unassailable challenges. To meaningfully engage with these issues, I needed an educational experience that would bring a wide-angle perspective on the most pressing issues of our time, as well as an approach grounded in local contexts and the nuances of culture, tradition, and history. Mundus MAPP is one of the few internationally-focused programs I’ve come across that offers both.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the program.

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