Academic year 2014-2016
Martha Amezquita, Colombia ISS-IBEI
Sever Dzigurski, Serbia CEU-IBEI
Lucia Isabel Fiestas Navarrete, Peru ISS-YORK
Susanne Gjonnes, Norway CEU-IBEI
Steve Harrisson Salazar, Peru ISS-IBEI
Hugh Jorgensen, Australia ISS-IBEI
Galen Lamphere-Englund, United States of America CEU-IBEI
Santiago Nicolas Martinez Rivera, Colombia ISS-YORK
Julijana Nicha, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia ISS-YORK
Mihail Popsoi, Moldova CEU-YORK
Uttara Purandare, India ISS-YORK
Gregor Riemann, Germany CEU-YORK
Lara Sampaio, Brazil CEU-IBEI
Rachel Shue, Australia CEU-IBEI
Andres Siabato Benavides, Colombia ISS-YORK
Marcio Teixeira, Brazil CEU-IBEI


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