Quality assurance

The quality assurance of the overall program and the issuing of the joint degrees is the responsibility of the Mundus MAPP Academic Board. The Mundus MAPP Academic Board is responsible for the daily management of the program and it is the principal decision making body of the Consortium.

A critical reflection on the content of the courses and of the program is secured through

1) the quality assurance mechanisms in place at each of the four institutes for the course work, and

2) by the External Quality Assurance Reviewer (EQAR) for the joint components and for the coherence of the program.

The EQAR provides external oversight to help the Academic Board:

  • maintain the academic standards for the award;
  • ensure that academic standards and student achievement are comparable with similar programs;
  • ensure that the assessment process is rigorous and fair, and conducted in line with program policies and regulations;
  • enhance the program.

In order to fulfil their role, the EQAR will look at:

  • program structure and content;
  • representative examples of the marked study visit reports, the internship reports, the thesis reports and the final theses;
  • student performance data;
  • the calculation of final award marks.

and in addition, undertake the following formalities:

  • meet with the Mundus MAPP Academic Board in person or virtually;
  • submit a report with respect to each cohort.

The EQAR is currently

Jeffrey Henderson
Professor of International Development
University of Bristol, UK

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